Around the turn of the century there was a small township in a rural area south of Dallas, TX. Though short-lived, the township did thrive once upon a time. This community, like most others, had all the essentials and businesses of a bustling small town. Curiously, it was also the one community in the state with the largest percentage of graveyards. At the forefront of this community was an estate known as Reindeer Manor and its owner James Sharp. Full Story


In the earliest part of the morning, at 1am, on December 13th, Alfred cut the phone line and broke into the 13th Street Morgue, dressed as Santa Claus to fool the children if they awoke. As it turns out, no one woke up that sunrise. Alfred had strangled both of the small Maybrick children, Jonathon's wife, and finally Jonathon himself. After his grim business was finished, he set himself in a chair in the Maybrick's living room and shot himself in the chest. The police found a note that simply read verbatim, "please watch after my children they are the product of an unholy mind" Full Story


Several people had died as a result of drinking well water during a period of time it had been found to be “tainted.” Rumors indicate that perhaps those who died never left the Saloon which was nearest the well. Investigations point toward a local doctor named Kane Milton who deviously poisoned the cities only source of water with hallucinagenic chemicals. The side effects of the exposure to such chemicals drove those who ingested it to the brink of insanity. It's said that Kane still resides within the saloon walls, waiting for patients to arrive. Full Story

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